Friday, May 1, 2015

The start of a new, and very different, season

Today, the first of May, it seems finally that Winter has lazily moved over for Spring. The silence and sleepiness is now replaced with insect emergence, frantic nest building, and busy farmers feeling rushed to get soil plowed, minerals spread, and seeds and plants tucked into the warming soil.


 New life finally emerges from deep below the frozen earth. The new vibrant green life has a way of inspiring the hard work and long hours of Spring field work.


I have been busy in the greenhouse starting seeds and potting up tiny plants to get them strong enough for their new life outdoors, outside of the protective shell of the greenhouse. 

And the start of Spring is always marked by the little babies prancing around the pasture for the first time. Jumping and running far enough away from mom until you hear the reassuring call to come back. Napping most of the day in the warm sun.This Spring seems quite typical around the farm, everything is in it's place and happening in it's time. 

This Spring is quite different for me, however, as I am preparing to welcome my own little farm baby this August. All that napping in the sun is very tempting and I do give in occasionally. But there is still so much to be done. There are many changes this season and more to come, but one thing that will never change is my desire to grow and be apart of something larger. There is always the chance to start anew and nothing ever stays the same, but I believe we are richer for these changes.

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