Sunday, June 19, 2011

pictures-long overdue

It has been a busy busy Spring for us on the farm! I don't remember being this tired last year... but I do romanticize the past, which, I think, makes me perfectly suited for farming. By only thinking positively about last season, I am able to charge full steam ahead into the unknown of another year. Facing the weather, the biting flies, the sore muscles and sunburns. I embrace it all and feel nothing but lucky to do this everyday.

Our first week of harvests and markets are behind us and we could not have asked for a warmer embrace from our Downtown Market friends. It was so great to see you all again and we are looking forward to another great year!  We are also so happy we joined the Regional Market and look forward to our early Saturday mornings!
We have added a new section to our website: Daily Harvest Newsletter, which we will update every Sunday evening to let you know what we will be harvesting for markets that week. Included, will also be some recipe links to get you thinking about ways to use up the harvest and prepare some delicious dinners.

Now for a week in pictures:
Mulching Winter Squash

We finally got the onions weeded!

We're Growing!

The garlic paid a premium for this view!

Tomatoes are enjoying their new field, we are enjoying the extra space!


  1. nice cart ;-) everything looks great from these photos, Angela! congrats.