Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April came and went, first plants and seeds went in.

 The focus these days has been to get the plants and seeds into the ground and time it just right that the rain can water them all in! So far things have worked out well, although overall the soil has been on the dry side and we have been irrigating quite a bit already.

 We'll take a break from planting (and plowing, spreading compost and amendments, laying drip tape and securing row cover) to do some weeding and clean-up over the next few days. Then,it's full steam ahead to empty the greenhouse of all the summer crops!

Tomatoes looking strong and spending increasing amounts of time outside the greenhouse in the bright sun and wind to get ready to move to the farm.  

 Basil and Celery

 It looks like a sea of peppers in the greenhouse! Sweet bells of all colors, Jimmy Nardello, and a variety of hot peppers!


The dogs have been enjoying the warm, sunny Spring days, and I love how they remind me to pick my head up from my lists of never ending tasks and just enjoy the farm!

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