Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not quite Spring

I was told an old weather proverb today: "Warm weather is not here to stay until Winter song birds freeze three times.
I feel sorry for those birds because I actually think they froze three times today alone! It was an interesting day with sunny skies and wet, snow falling simultaneously. Then the skies turned scarily grey and snow was blowing in all directions. I was hiding out in the greenhouse all day so was protected somewhat from these almost-Spring-temper-tantrums. I am heating only half of the 40' greenhouse right now, to reduce my propane costs, and to maximize growing space the seeding station is in the unheated section.

By hanging a curtain with extra greenhouse plastic I am able to 
reduce the heated greenhouse space and cut costs. 

The smaller space is filling up fast as Spring seed starting is well underway and I am already tempted to move the curtain back a bit. But cooler weather is predicted for the next week. 
My eagerness to get things started is calmed somewhat by the weather and I know that Winter will move over eventually to make room for growing food.

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