Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Season in Pictures

I realized I did not post very much this season. The farm demanded a lot more of my attention this season as I increased production to accommodate the CSA shares. I am so pleased at how well the season went and feel so happy to have a happy, growing CSA membership. 
Here are some pictures from the season taken by Farm Intern rock star: Gretchen! By the end of the day we were beaten down and exhausted but she always managed to pull out the camera and grab a few photos.

                                                    Zinnias for bouquets and "pick your own"

                                                                        Beautiful Asters

                                            Garlic harvested and ready to hang, all 3,000 bulbs

                                             Meg was a big help overseeing the garlic harvest

                                                    Tromboncino Squash-an Italian Heirloom

                                        A typical Saturday Market morning-Fun with vegetables!
                                                    (photo taken by market friend, Bob Allen)


                      Thanks Bob, for these beautiful photos and for capturing the vibrant life in our food!

                                                            Pepper plants chock full of peppers

       I think this was my best year for heirloom tomatoes. They were sweet, juicy and produced great well into September! We experienced some disease but pulling any infected leaves kept the rest of the plants healthy for good production during this hot, dry Summer. 

  Onions drying. They may be small, but I am just relieved to have onions! Soon after transplanting 5,000 onion plants they were hit by 2-3 nights of freezing temperatures. The plants that survived were then void of rain for the next 6-8 weeks or so. (What a season!) Irrigation only goes so far...but we produced some delicious onions this year.

A few of the Fall crops flourishing on the farm:

                                              CSA share for October 1, week 18

                                               CSA share for October 8, week 19

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