Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seeding begins!

This has been a busy Spring on the farm. Getting everything ready for the season, pulling out equipment and sharpening tools. I have also started seeding outside and this past weekend got the first generation of peas in the ground. Sugar Snap fans...get ready! I use this nifty tool for most of my direct seeding on the farm. It's an Earthway Precision Seeder, and can be outfitted with different sized seeder plates to accommodate a variety of seed sizes and spacing.

 Driving it down the bed, the front opens up a furrow in the soil, drops the correct amount of seeds and then covers them with loose soil before the back wheel drives over the furrow tamping the soil in place.

Unfortunately the soil is too try to germinate most of the seeds I have laid down. I will be setting up the irrigation system soon. This is strange for April, which is typically too wet and I worry about seeds rotting in the wet, cool soil.
 The seeding in the greenhouse continues as well. We will be transplanting into the fields soon, so check back for more pictures.

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