Monday, May 16, 2011

April (and May) showers bring summer garlic!

Last November we spent a few beautiful days planting garlic around the farm. Laying on a nice straw cover, we tucked them in for winter and are anxiously waiting for the first scape and bulb harvest. Garlic has more benefits than we can list but it is strongly promoted for fighting the cold and flu and supporting heart health. It is also well known as being an aphrodisiac. (And garlic breath is not a problem if you both are eating it!)

We planted 4 varieties of garlic: German Red, French Red, Italian Purple and Ozark Soft Neck. I am looking forward to a blind taste test. And roasting whole bulbs of garlic on the grill!
But before we all get too excited, I should say this garlic will not be for eating...this year. We are growing it primarily for seed to provide our farm a beautiful future of producing yummy garlic. However, we will have a few of the smaller cloves to try at our markets this year. So, stay tuned and come visit us at market to learn more about our garlic harvest and taste the different varieties.
You can find us on Tuesdays at the Downtown Syracuse Farmers Market in Clinton Square and on Saturdays at the Syracuse Regional Market (Shed C).

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