Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Changing Landscapes

It is amazing how the farm is changing so quickly now: new crops ripening and ready for harvest while older plantings are finishing up and being pulled out to make room for new plantings.With all the changes, it's impossible to just sit back and marvel in the beauty of what is growing. I am always looking on to the next thing. It's Summer but my mind is on cooler weather while I plan for Fall harvest and winter cover crops.

But, I am drawn back into the present by the pace of life on the farm right now.We are well into our summer harvesting: lemon and pickling cucumbers, patty pan summer squash, zinnias and sunflowers! And our heirloom tomato plants have beautiful green fruit on them.

Heat loving spinach for, hopefully, an August harvest

Tomotillos filling out their husks. I'll have plenty of recipes available to use up these deliciously, sweet green tomatoes. 

Acorn Winter Squash

Teddy Bear Sunflowers


  1. A farm I interned at sold tomatillos in a bag with all the other vegetables needed to make salsa - I think it made it easier to convince people who didn't know how to use them to give them a try. I'm hoping to try it at the Hamilton market - if I just have all the other vegetables!

    Everything looks wonderful!

  2. OOO great idea Amy! I will give this a try, as I have heard its hard to market the tomatillos.